I work as a writer, researcher, editor and musician based in Amsterdam.


Currently I’m a postgraduate at Sandberg Institute; editor of Perdu’s poetry podcast ‘De Verloren Tijd’ and ‘Time Lost’; editor and co-founder of SNAKY ZINE; and I make music as Romy Day. 




De Verloren Tijd / Time Lost

De Verloren Tijd is een poëziepodcast van Stichting Perdu. Elke maand nodigen wij een dichter uit om een werk te maken aan de hand van een door ons gekozen audiofragment.

Time Lost is the English-spoken sibling of De Verloren Tijd. In this podcast series we invite poets to talk about a work that is unpublished or even unpublishable.

Romance Utopia

Romance Utopia is a research project that has gotten out of hand; spilled over into a digital archive, a radioshow, a videowork and a collection of essays.


SNAKY ZINE is a self-published political zine on socialist feminism, racism, ableism, sexuality, spirituality and community building. I run this publication together with Joy Brandsma.

For sale at Stedelijk Amsterdam, San Serriffe, Het Fort van Sjakoo, Circe’s Circus Nimboscope and via our channels.

Interview Lisa Robertson for ‘Time Lost’

For this seventh episode of Time Lost, I spoke with writer and poet Lisa Robertson about her unpublished work titled “On Reading Nietzsche, 6 pm”.

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In this work, Lisa sets out various possible scenes of revolt while unsettling these possibilities at the same time. Summer nights in silk lingerie, as seen through rose coloured lenses, are positioned alongside scenes of self-doubt and cynicism. In conversation, we discussed the potential of formulating a wish land in which both despair and pink revolt can be considered revolutionary. 

Listen here or in your preferred podcast app.

Live reading from De Appel

As part of the Sandberg Critical Studies end of year presentations at De Appel, I read a new text called “and this to me — desire has alloted”, on incoherency in romantic narrative, Anne Carson’s Sappho translations and negativity.

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¶#2 ‘Bundle Theory’

For Outline Platform I assembled 35+ Wikipedia articles and wrote a short essay called “An aesthetic of (im)patience: hoarding, collection, memory” which has been made into this lovely ¶#2 publication titled “Bundle Theory”

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Edited by Jan Pieter ‘t Hart

Design by Tjobo Kho & Wouter Stroet

Available via outline.jetzt

Soundtrack for ‘Incendios’

For a short film titled ‘Incendios’ (dir. Mateo Vega), I have made the original soundtrack.

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Synopsis: After finishing secondary school, two teenage friends hang out in the industrial margins of their rapidly changing hometown. It’s the middle of the summer, the last summer the boys have to explore their relationship before one of them is forced to move away.

It will be available for streaming in Germany between May 30 and June 7, as part of Mo&Friese, the youth programme of the Hamburg International Film Festival.

‘A baroque longing’ in LIKE,

As a result of Amelia Groom’s writing workshop at Sandberg Institute, the Critical Studies department worked on a publication called LIKE, which can be ordered now.

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It includes a work of mine titled “A baroque longing” in which I consider one of Emma Crabtree‘s works as a ruin.

Order here or pick one up at San Serriffe.

Publication ‘Love Spells & Rituals For Another World’

The ‘Love Spells & Rituals For Another World’ publication came out of of a symposium that took place in May 2020 under the same title. All proceeds are split between African Rainbow Family, akt and Mermaids UK.

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Edited by Lilly Markaki and Caroline Harris
Designed by Toni Brell

With contributions by:
Denise Ackerl, Marcus Bell, Toni Brell, Keti Chukhrov, Genevieve Costello, AC Davidson, Mijke van der Drift, Phoebe Eccles, Aimilia Efthimiou, Antke Engel, Andrea González Garrán, Caroline Harris, Christian Klesse, Si Leong, Lilly Marks, Cynthia Montier, Lisa Moravec, Ophélie Naessens, Nat Raha, Andrea Ray, Charlotte Rohde, Lou Lou Sainsbury, S. Santos, Despoina Tzanou, Alexandra Voutsina, Nadira Clare Wallace, Romy Day Winkel

Feminist Journal Writing workshops @ Read My World

As part of Read My World festival this year, Emma van Meyeren and Uitgeverij Chaos have organized a workshop series on feminist journal writing. I have kicked off the series with my love token workshop titled “On romantic gesture and its restricted objects”.

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In the next couple of weeks the series will continue with workshops by Tessel Veneboer, Leana Boven, Grâce Ndjako, Fiep van Bodegom and Mia You.

More information on these workshops can be found here.

SNAKY ZINE #3: magick

In this third edition of SNAKY zine we present the utopian uses of MAGICK via a wide variety of contributions. We printed spells for love and kinship, call up grandma’s magic, situate ourselves in rooms of the imagination…

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… embrace our continuous shapeshifting, fight for the power of indigenous lands, remember the legacy of Ana Mendieta, present a tarot spread for writers, do some digital dreaming of magical creatures, emphasise that which is sacred, return to the nine herbs charm, learn about the magical heritage of Monte Veritá, remember that grandma’s bag has everything in it to dismantle capitalism, weave our hair into our surroundings, understand modern economics as a storytelling practice, embrace a recaptured spirit, experience spiritual ecstasy, ask ourselves how much belief comes from longing, let the moon play the flute, receive a list of sounds, learn how to use love runes, re-mystify romantic objects and create a queer space through magick.

Contributions by Pykel van Latum, Nora Torodovic, Artemisia Vulgaris, Jasper Westhaus, Zélie van Steirteghem, Hatty Nestor, Cruda Collective, Mayis Rukel, Mira Thompson, Sophie de Seriere, Matthew Wang, Frances Enyedy, Toni Brell, Sarah Saleh, Sophie Rose Wright, Nathalie Golde, Layla Durrani, Ariane Boot, Liza Borovikova, Joy Brandsma, Liza Prins, Noah Voelker, Justin Nuij, Pluto Polanco and yours truly.

For sale at San Serriffe (Amsterdam), KIOSK (Rotterdam) or via our channels.

Interview met Maarten van der Graaff voor ‘De Verloren Tijd’

In deze aflevering van De Verloren Tijd ging ik in gesprek met dichter en schrijver Maarten van der Graaff. Maarten heeft een werk gemaakt in de vorm van een “occulte wandeling” waarin de luisteraar wordt meegenomen op een tour door een Nederlands politiek landschap. Hier bevinden zich verschillende personages: Kester die laat op gang komt, Maj die in een sapwinkel werkt(e), Rutte als behoudend figuur en een oma met een hedendaagse uitvoering van een klassiek slaapliedje.

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Er volgt een gesprek over Maartens verhouding tot de JOVD (de jongerenorganisatie van de VVD) en arbeidssabotage als verzetsstrategie. Sabotage is niet alleen een thema in dit gedicht, maar wordt door Maarten ook ingezet als methode om met audio aan de slag te gaan. Zo worden er incisies gemaakt in een wereld die toch al niet zo rooskleurig was.

Beluister deze aflevering hier

Like like liking and, like, being alike

Within the context of critical attention, what are the possible roots and branches of the word ‘like’? While globally still moving towards new modes of being together while apart, in our writing seminar with Amelia Groom the Sandberg Critical Studies department has examined liking, likenesses, imitation and fandom as methods and reflected upon the notion of ‘reparative reading’ and the possibilities of affective criticality.

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To launch the publication that came out of this writing workshop, we hosted an evening of readings and performances in Perdu on February 19th.

I read a text titled ‘A baroque longing’, which is based on a drawing by Emma Crabtree.

Love token workshop ‘On romantic gesture and its restricted objects’

In this workshop, I invited participants to join me in making a love token, and to use this object as a starting point for their personal reflections on romance (in all its guises). Through a short reading of the history of this gesture, participants were asked to enter a guided room-walk in search of a romantic object in their everyday surroundings. They then worked with their found material, thought and spoke about ways to imitate their object’s meaning, and finally incorporated it in the making and writing of a love token.

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This workshop was hosted on Valentine’s day by Terrarista TV, an artist-run online streaming channel based in Kassel.

Interview with Rachel Levitsky for ‘Time Lost’

In this third episode of Time Lost, I revisit an interview with NYC-based poet Rachel Levitsky, live in Perdu, right before lockdown. Levitsky reads from an unpublished work called ‘Existing Condition’.

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In the conversation that follows, we contemplate the possibilities of (queer) gossip in writing. When facing an increasing pressure to show up autobiographically as a writer, how does one navigate accountability?

Listen to this episode here.

romance_utopia #5 at No Bounds Radio

For this episode of romance_utopia I spoke to Geraldine Snell, the author of “overlove” (published at Dostoyevsky Wannabe in 2018). We discussed the obsessive nature of romance, attachment theory and ethics, alongside a selection of music that is placed in between.

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It was broadcasted on 10.1.2021 at No Bounds Radio. Listen here.

Interview met Sis Matthé voor ‘De Verloren Tijd’

In deze elfde aflevering van De Verloren Tijd ging ik in gesprek met dichter, vertaler en muzikant Sis Matthé. Geïnspireerd door het geluidsfragment van een tapdanser maakte Sis een werk waarin zijn taal tussen de tel valt.

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Het gedicht begint met een onschuldig beeld, maar later wordt de luisteraar uitgedaagd om in geluidsmetaforen na te denken. Als Sis’ stem haast volledig is ondergesneeuwd begint, naar eigen zeggen, het gedicht pas echt.

Dit gesprek gaat over de manier waarop visuele metaforen makkelijker voor het oprapen liggen dan geluiden; over strategieën om een stem ín de muziek te krijgen. Het gaat over de urgentie en viscerale kwaliteiten van geluid. Het geluid van een tapdanser wordt uitgebreid, alsof er een lijf in het lichaam zit. Hierbij maakt Sis, naast zijn werk als dichter, duidelijk gebruik van zijn achtergrond als vertaler en muzikant.

Beluister deze aflevering hier.

romance_utopia #4: A lover’s boomerang at Radió Meduse MagiQ

This months Carte Blanche on Radió Meduse MagiQ was offered to me and resulted in the fourth episode of romance_utopia radio.

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These radioshows are tentacles that cover all the cheesy feelings that come with romantic love and let them sit with us.

In this episode, I cover the push and pull motion of the absent lover; returning and leaving again via Roland Barthes essential fragments from 1977 called “A Lover’s Discourse”.

You can listen to the episode here.

Videowork ‘Once again, inside a romance utopia’

‘Once again, inside a romance utopia’ (2020), 9m50

In an attempt to cut the associative chain between romantic expression and intrusion, I asked four friends to tell me about their romantic objects. In the conversations that followed, there was a transformation in each of them somehow; a feeling of detachment while talking about their object. A practice of remaking their objects with clay seemed to carry the potential to revalue their memories and approach its romantic sensibility with heartiness again.

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w/ Joy Brandsma, Maan Meelker, Suzanne Cleerdin & Toni Brell. Colour grading by Mateo Vega, sound edit by Harm Coolen, music by Romy Day Winkel


15.10.2020 @ Sandberg Critical Studies department, research colloquium

29.10.2020 @ Het HEM w/ reading, Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show

31.10.2020 @ Het HEM w/ reading, Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show

29.10 – 1.11.2020 @ Het HEM in a video installation, Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show

29.10 – 16.11.2020 @ www.homecinema.video 

Soft launch DAISYWORLD @ San Serriffe

On Sunday the 27th of September the first edition of DAISYWORLD magazine, a publication run by Zazie Stevens, will be released, albeit softly, at San Serriffe between 13:00 – 17:00. For this issue, I wrote a fictitious love letter called ‘Scarf Body’ as part of my broader research on romance.

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Project description taken from the event:

DAISYW✿RLD MAGAZINE is a seasonal art publication on beauty, perception, the sensory, the nonhuman, ecology & erotica with an emphasis on interconnectedness. Reflecting on the passed season – a record of events; the artist’s intimate knowledge based on observation – while softly moving into the next; each issue will launch in-between seasons; appreciating experience, transition and metamorphosis instead of anticipating the next big thing. 

Issue #1 contributors Dayna Casey, Erika Ceruzzi, CAConrad, Naomi Credé, Caroline Heredia-Abernethy, Hannah Hoekstra, Lars Holdhus, Ilja Karilampi, Cristina Kolozsvary-Kiss, Daisy Lafarge, Juliette Lizotte, Laura Lynx, Lilly Marks, Vibeke Mascini, Niklaus Mettler, Amira Prescott (Brot Against Shame), Scott Rogers, Alexander Sand, Lara Schoorl, Zazie Stevens, Hansje Struijk, Tom et Arthur, Renée Turner, Jacent Varoym, Nadia de Vries, Charlott Weise, Romy Day Winkel & Celina Yavelow.

‘Days’ w/ Weval featured in ‘I May Destroy You’

The song I wrote and sang with Weval called ‘Days’ is featured in the season finale of HBO’s ‘I May Destroy You’.

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Listen to the song here and find the entire soundtrack here.

Interview met Hannah van Binsbergen voor ‘De Verloren Tijd’

In negende aflevering van De Verloren Tijd ging ik in gesprek met dichter en schrijver Hannah van Binsbergen. Het werk dat Hannah heeft gemaakt is getiteld ‘Suggestie’ en neemt de vorm aan van een meditatie of hypnose.

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De luisteraar wordt meegenomen op een tijdreis: terug naar de gedaante van de eencelligen. In vier stappen leidt Hannah ons door de evolutie, vanaf het eerste leven in al zijn simpliciteit, via indringers die in eerste instantie een bedreiging lijken, maar eigenlijk slechts omarmd dienen te worden. Pas dan is er een mogelijkheid tot nieuwe energie en groei, pas dan kunnen wij uitkomen bij de complexe biologische systemen die wij nu zijn.

Er ontstaat een gesprek over de macht van de stem in meditatie, hoe het uiten van een suggestie lichamelijke sensaties kan oproepen. In het fragment dat Hannah ontving, hoorde zij een machine waarover de controle kwijt is geraakt. Maakt  een mens dat ooit mee in relatie tot zichzelf?  En wat zouden wij daaruit kunnen halen?

Beluister de aflevering hier.

romance_utopia #3 at No Bounds Radio

On Thursday 23rd of July I will host another romance_utopia radioshow on No Bounds Radio (a DIY literature radiostation based in London) in which I will read from my essay “margin(anal)ia”, play some music, talk about “Hey Arnold” and discuss Leonora Carrington’s “The Hearing Trumpet” (1972) in dialogue with Anne Walsh’s “Hello Leonora, Soy Anne Walsh” (2019).

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Tune in here at 21:30 (GMT+2)/20:30 (GMT+1)

SNAKY ZINE #2: movement

The second issue of SNAKY ZINE is out now! For sale at San Serriffe, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Fort van Sjakoo and Circe’s Circus Nimboscope or via our channels.

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This edition’s theme is ‘movement’. Here we learn about queer lichens, think through disability and shock, compost hot monsters and fish men, get rid of the anxiety of bike-riding, learn about eggs and spirals, work through issues of ancestry and pride, lay bridges between menstrual blood and trees, decide our bodies to be lovers, be trash and love it, are on the path even hours later, send our inner caregiver on a break, work through a secret crush, admit we are garlic girls, write letters to an ex, glorify Omegle, dwell on gender expressions, create new personas and leave, know how wonderful it is to be a body and take lessons from past dates.

Contributions by Jonny Bruce, Eefje de Neeling, Mira Thompson, Nicolai Schmelling, Georgia Rose Weaver, Kiko Seara, Heli St. Luce, Jill van Grinsven, Lily McNeil, T, Toni Brell, Mateo Vega, Pykel van Latum, Justin Nuij, Manon Bachelier and Lucie Fortuin.

Ka Du Gjer På?

Alice Slyngstad has assembled a self-published zine in which my text ‘Omegle, or The Accidental’ is published.

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Symposium “Love Spells & Rituals For Another World”

From Thursday May 28th till Saturday May 30th there will be a wonderful online symposium called “Love Spells & Rituals For Another World” featuring artists and scholars working with alternative visions of love, intimacy and desire from black, feminist and queer perspectives.

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I will give the introduction to the first part of the symposium, a live broadcast from a fictive radio station by NYC-based artist Andrea Ray, on No Bounds Radio at 11:00 (GMT+2)

For the full schedule of the symposium, please visit their website.

romance_utopia #2 at PUB radio’s pillow stream #9

On Friday May 22nd I will play some romantic songs, tell cheesy stories and read from Rachel Levitsky’s ‘Neighbor’.

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Tune into PUB radio’s Pillow Stream #9 for romance_utopia #2 between 18:00-18:30 (GMT+2) via www.alonetogether.pub

romance_utopia #1 at PUB radio’s pillow stream #7

On Friday May 8th I will play some romantic songs, tell cheesy stories and read Dodie Bellamy at PUB radio’s pillow stream #7

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Tune in between 23:00 – 23:30 (GMT+2) via www.alonetogether.pub

Interview met Radna Fabias voor ‘De Verloren Tijd’

In deze aflevering van De Verloren Tijd ga ik in gesprek met Radna Fabias. Voor deze zesde editie maakte Radna een werk dat terugblikt op een niet nader gespecificeerde ramp. Of beter gezegd: op de onheilspellende periode daarna. Het geluidsfragment dat ze ter inspiratie kreeg deed haar denken aan een eindeloos marcheren en zo ontstond een werk waarin meningen in een eindeloze processie over elkaar heenvallen.

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In het gesprek dat volgde, praten we over pijn in tijden van crisis en hoe daarmee om te gaan. Radna vertelt over hoe vrienden slechts woorden werden in de ramp; hoe de waarde van een mensenleven werd berekend, maar ook over de troost van het uitzicht op een bloesem. 

Nu te beluisteren op Spotify, anchor.fm en allerlei andere podcastkanalen! 

Livestream performance for Radio Voorwaarts

Tune into Radio Voorwaarts’ Online Premiere: Stream & Expo on 02/05/2020 to see and hear my song ‘Fish Tank’ alongside a photobooth-video shot in quarantine.

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Full film can be streamed via www.radiovoorwaarts.net

Launch ‘Time Lost’ poetry podcast at Perdu

The very first guest of the English-spoken Perdu poetry podcast, called ‘Time Lost’, is Eileen Myles. We will celebrate the launch of these series on Friday 6th of March from 20:00 onwards, where I’ll be in conversation with Rachel Levitsky about her unpublished work ‘Existing Condition’.

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Sandberg Open Day 2020

On the 6th of February Sandberg Institute will have its annual open day for prospective students and other interested parties. My videowork “I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you” (2019) will be screened throughout the day at the Critical Studies department. At 17:00 I will do a reading of my essay “Interrupting Chronos” in the theory room.

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Book launch “A friend of a friend” + screening at Fanfare

On the 18th of January the Sandberg Critical Studies department will present our most recent publication called “A friend of a friend: Gossip, Rumour and Anecdote.” I will have a screening of my videowork “I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you.” (2019)

After this launch the book will be available at San Serriffe and at the department.

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Videowork ‘I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you’

‘I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you’ (2019), 5min11

In this video we see a collaborative exploration of what happens when you tell someone you had a dream about them.

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w/ Mariana Jurado Rico, Alice Slyngstad, Frides van de Ven, Jacinta van de Ven and Mira Thompson


18.01.2019 @ Fanfare, book launch “A friend of a friend: Gossip, Rumour and Anecdote”

06.02.2020 @ Sandberg Instituut, Critical Studies department Open Day

SNAKY ZINE #1: healing

Today the first edition of SNAKY ZINE came out. The theme of this issue is ‘healing’, which is addressed through poetry, rants, theory and collages by various contributors.

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In this issue we memeify tarot, rant about self-care and guilt, present poetry about ex-lovers, write about intergenerational trauma, about the safe haven of the swimming pool, read poetry about mourning, co-opt ‘the ugly’ as a way to empowerment, set out an astrology 101 lesson, write about multispecies entanglement, fictionalize experiences of health as a moral obligation, read poetry about needles and share stories about abusive family relations.

Contributions by Luna Naumer Mateos, Mira Thompson, Gaia Willemars and Merethe Riggelsen Gjørding.

On its launch in OT301 we’ll enjoy performances by blusher, Ibi, Maja Chiara Faber, Lottie Walker, Dagmar Bosma, Loïc Vandam, Ashleigh Tia Mitchell, Joy Brandsma, Luna Naumer Mateos, Sofie Ejlers Wolthers, Mandy Pixel, Persian Princis, Mira Thompson & Feline Baek Hjermind.