Romy Day Winkel (1994) werkt als schrijver en beeldend kunstenaar in Amsterdam. Momenteel werkt ze aan een expositie bij Onomatopee en aan haar debuutroman. 




Romy Day Winkel (1994) is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam. She is currently working on an exhibition at Onomatopee and writing her debut novel. 



ODE TO THE RIBBON at San Serriffe

With readings by Lisa Robertson, Mia You, Monique Todd & artworks by Mireille Tap.

Canadian poet and essayist Lisa Robertson is the author of over fourteen books, ranging from poetry collections, essays, to manifesto’s and criticism, Lisa published her debut novel ‘The Baudelaire Fractal’ in 2020 — a Bildungsroman of a girl poet named Hazel Brown, set in cheap rooms in 1980s Paris. During ‘Ode to the Ribbon’ she read from her upcoming novel titled ‘Notebooks of a She-Dandy’, which is a book about rivers, textiles, archives and disappearance.

She was joined by poet and assistant professor Mia You. Mia was born in Seoul, raised in the Bay Area, and currently lives in Utrecht. She teaches Anglophone literature at Utrecht University and is the author of the poetry collection ‘I, too, Dislike It’ (2016) and the chapbooks ‘Objective Practice’ (2007) and ‘Rouse the Ruse and the Rush’ (2023). 

London-born poet and writer Monique Todd also joined us this evening. Monique is currently researching the linguistic postures that deliver the reading voice. Her work takes the form of essays, poetry and forums. She graduated from the MA Critical Studies at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Placed throughout the space are the artworks of Mireille Tap. Mireille creates sculptures, installations, poems and practices self- organisation within the artist collective Syzygy. Her world feels tender, girly and gloomy. She loves tactile materials (with huge preference for deadstock or preloved) such as wool, silk and silver, discarded toys and withered plants. The projects she composes touch on social issues such as cuteness as disqualification and the importance of accessible healthcare and housing.