Romy Day Winkel (1994) werkt als schrijver en beeldend kunstenaar in Amsterdam. Momenteel werkt ze aan een expositie bij Onomatopee en aan haar debuutroman. 




Romy Day Winkel (1994) is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam. She is currently working on an exhibition at Onomatopee and writing her debut novel. 



Erase, Deface, Remediate: A found text workshop

In this workshop, we delve into the practice of creating new texts from existing ones. The session begins with a brief overview of the history of this tradition, followed by a collective examination of texts within the current Onomatopee installation—comprising all published books.

Participants will then engage in a moving exercise, workshopping found texts and finally transforming them into personalized bookmarks.

Friday February 9th 2024, from 16:00 with a vegetarian dinner after

More information can be found via this link.