Romy Day Winkel (1994) werkt als schrijver en beeldend kunstenaar in Amsterdam. Momenteel werkt ze aan een expositie bij Onomatopee en aan haar debuutroman. 




Romy Day Winkel (1994) is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam. She is currently working on an exhibition at Onomatopee and writing her debut novel. 




]bracket is an installation that can be activated by a performance.

It revolves around one of Anne Carson’s Sappho translations in ‘If Not, Winter’ (2002). Due to lack of sufficient conservation, parts of Sappho’s original manuscript have been destroyed. Carson leaves these missing pieces of papyrus into the texts via adding brackets, which I in turn connect to the shape of a foot on its toes, questioning the role of avoidance and erasure.

  • Iterations

    October 9th 2021: Het HEM, Zaandam, as part of the Sandberg Institute Graduation Show

    December 17th 2022: Perdu, Amsterdam, as part of the Anne Carson programme titled 'I'm as hot as a rat in a wool sock' with Mia You, Jip Lemmens, Alfred Schaffer, Marijke Emeis, Simone Atangana Bekono & Roelof ten Napel