Romy Day Winkel (1994) werkt als schrijver en beeldend kunstenaar in Amsterdam. Momenteel werkt ze aan een expositie bij Onomatopee en aan haar debuutroman. 




Romy Day Winkel (1994) is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam. She is currently working on an exhibition at Onomatopee and writing her debut novel. 



Romance Utopia

Romance Utopia is a research project that has gotten out of hand; spilled over into a digital archive, a radioshow, a videowork and a collection of essays.

  • Digital archive

    On Instagram I collect imagery and texts on hearts and romance via @romance_utopia

  • Excerpt from 'Omegle, or The Accidental' in Ka Du Gjer På? (2020)

  • Videowork 'I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you' (2019)

    'I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you' (2019), 5min11

    In this video we see a collaborative exploration of what happens when you tell someone you had a dream about them.

    w/ Mariana Jurado Rico, Alice Slyngstad, Frides van de Ven, Jacinta van de Ven and Mira Thompson


    18.01.2019 @ Fanfare, book launch "A friend of a friend: Gossip, Rumour and Anecdote"

    06.02.2020 @ Sandberg Institute, Critical Studies department Open Day

  • Excerpt from 'margin(anal)ia' in SNAKY ZINE #2: movement

  • Workshop on romantic object, memory and refabrication


    In this workshop, participants are asked to share a story or memory about their personal romantic objects and subsequently remake it with clay. 


    15.10.2020 @ Sandberg Institute's Critical Studies department

    29.10.2020 @ Het HEM, Sandberg Institute graduation show

    31.10.2020 @ Het HEM, Sandberg Institute graduation show

  • Excerpt from 'Interrupting chronos: I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you' in A friend of a friend: Gossip, Rumour and Anecdote' (2019)

  • Radioshow

    romance_utopia is a radioshow in which I cover all the flattened feelings that come with romantic love and let them sit with us, talk about books, read poetry and play music. Broadcasted on PUB Radio's Pillow Stream, No Bounds Radio and Radió Meduse MagiQ. All recorded episodes can be found here.

  • 'Scarf Body' in DAISYWORLD (2020)

  • Videowork 'Once again, inside a romance utopia' (2020)

    'Once again, inside a romance utopia' (2020), 9m50

    In an attempt to cut the associative chain between romantic expression and intrusion, I asked four friends to tell me about their romantic objects. In the conversations that followed, there was a transformation in each of them somehow; a feeling of detachment while talking about their object. A practice of remaking their objects with clay seemed to carry the potential to revalue their memories and approach its romantic sensibility with heartiness again.  

    w/ Joy Brandsma, Maan Meelker, Suzanne Cleerdin & Toni Brell. Colour grading by Mateo Vega, sound edit by Harm Coolen, music by Romy Day Winkel


    15.10.2020 @ Sandberg Institute's Critical Studies department, research colloquium

    29.10.2020 @ Het HEM w/ reading, Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show

    31.10.2020 @ Het HEM w/ reading, Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show

    29.10 - 01.11.2020 @ Het HEM in a video installation, Sandberg Institute graduation show

    29.10 - 16.11.2020 @ 

  • Excerpt from 'Once again, inside a romance utopia' in SNAKY ZINE #3: magick (2021)

  • Writing on romance

    'A baroque longing' (2021) in LIKE,

    'Once again, inside a romance utopia' (2021) in SNAKY ZINE #3: magick

    'Inside A Romance Utopia' (2021) in Love Spells and Rituals For Another World 

    'Scarf Body' (2020) in DAISYWORLD vol.1

    'Omegle, or The Accidental' (2020) in Ka Du Gjer På?

    'margin(anal)ia' (2020) in SNAKY ZINE #2: movement

    'Interrupting chronos: I wanted to be with you so I said I dreamed of you' (2019) in A Friend Of A Friend: Rumour, Gossip and Anecdote

  • One of my love tokens in 'Love Spells & Rituals For Another World' (2021)

  • 'A baroque longing' in LIKE, (2021)

  • Art critic Jorne Vriens has written a short piece about my ongoing research project ‘Romance Utopia’ in the graduation special 2021 of contemporary art magazine Metropolis M.

  • Love token workshop 'On romantic gesture and its restricted objects'

    In this workshop, I invite participants to join me in making a love token, and to use this object as a starting point for their personal reflections on romance (in all its guises). Through a short reading of the history of this gesture, participants are asked to enter a guided room-walk in search of a romantic object in their everyday surroundings. They then work with their found material, think and speak about ways to imitate their object's meaning, and finally incorporate it in the making and writing of a love token.


    February 14 2021 @ Terrarista TV, an artist-run online streaming channel based in Kassel

    March 20 2021 @ Read My World festival, as part of a workshop series on Feminist Journal Writing

    April 18 2021 @ Shimmer Rotterdam

  • Romance Utopia publication

    Romance Utopia displays some of the outcomes of my research project: a search for, and making of, romantic ruins. Its main question is how to ‘save’ romance from being instrumentalized for boring or harmful purposes and instead aims to steer it into a radical direction. I have carried out this research through writing, collecting and curating imagery and text, setting up a workshop series, doing interviews, and working with audio. It is never quite finished, as looking for romance is always already a failed project, but that is kind of the point.

    In the first text, I set out my main methodology and argument. Throughout the rest of the book you will find visual works by artists Dagmar Bosma, Mafalda Costa, Mónica Mays and Becket MWN, in whose work I have located an aesthetic of romantic ruination. The second text is an interview with writer and artist Geraldine Snell, whose book ‘overlove’ (2018) interested me deeply as its protagonist performs a type of obsessive romantic pursuit. In ‘A gesture: I had a dream about you’ I investigate the possibility of dream sharing as a romantic gesture. The fourth text in this book is a writing prompt and essay about love tokens that I have written for Terrarista.TV in Kassel and afterwards altered for Read My World festival’s feminist journal writing workshop series. The aim of the prompt is to leave you with a (written) object that will meander beyond the words and images of this publication. 

    It is for sale at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum (Amsterdam), San Serriffe (Amsterdam), KIOSK (Rotterdam), Claire de Rouen (London), Tender Books (London), Good Press (Glasgow), Rile Books* (Brussels), and via their respective webshops. 

    This publication is designed by Tjobo Kho