I work as a writer, researcher, editor and musician based in Amsterdam.


Currently I’m a postgraduate at Sandberg Institute; editor of Perdu’s poetry podcast ‘De Verloren Tijd’ and ‘Time Lost’; editor and co-founder of SNAKY ZINE; and I make music as Romy Day. 




SNAKY ZINE is a self-published political zine on socialist feminism, racism, ableism, sexuality, spirituality and community building. I run this publication together with Joy Brandsma.

For sale at Stedelijk Amsterdam, San Serriffe, Het Fort van Sjakoo, Circe’s Circus Nimboscope and via our channels.

  • SNAKY ZINE #1: healing

    The theme of the first issue of SNAKY ZINE is ‘healing’, which is addressed through poetry, rants, theory and collages by the following contributors: Luna Naumer Mateos, Mira Thompson, Gaia Willemars and Merethe Riggelsen Gjørding.

    In this edition we memeify tarot, rant about self-care and guilt, present poetry about ex-lovers, write about intergenerational trauma, about the safe haven of the swimming pool, read poetry about mourning, co-opt 'the ugly' as a way to empowerment, set out an astrology 101 lesson, write about multispecies entanglement, fictionalize experiences of health as a moral obligation, read poetry about needles and share stories about abusive family relations.

    We celebrated its release on 31/10/2019 in OT301 with performances by 𝔟𝔩𝔲𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔯 (DJ-set), boy in the attic (live), Maja Chiara Faber (astrologer), Ashleigh Mitchell (poet), Sofie Ejlers Wolthers (artist), Luna Naumer Mateos (artist), Pelumi Adejumo (poet), Lottie Walker (poet), Mira Thompson (jazz musician) & Feline Bæk Hjermind (visual artist), Dagmar Bosma (poet), Parisa Madani (performance artist), Joy Brandsma (poet), Mandy Pixel (DJ-set) and Loïc Vandam (poet).

  • SNAKY ZINE #2: movement

    The second edition of SNAKY ZINE is on the topic of 'movement'. Contributions by Jonny Bruce, Eefje de Neeling, Mira Thompson, Nicolai Schmelling, Georgia Rose Weaver, Kiko Seara, Heli St. Luce, Jill van Grinsven, Lily McNeil, T, Toni Brell, Mateo Vega, Pykel van Latum, Justin Nuij, Manon Bachelier and Lucie Fortuin.

    In this issue we learn about queer lichens, think through disability and shock, compost hot monsters and fish men, get rid of the anxiety of bike-riding, learn about eggs and spirals, work through issues of ancestry and pride, lay bridges between menstrual blood and trees, decide our bodies to be lovers, be trash and love it, are on the path even hours later, send our inner caregiver on a break, work through a secret crush, admit we are garlic girls, write letters to an ex, glorify Omegle, dwell on gender expressions, create new personas and leave, know how wonderful it is to be a body and take lessons from past dates.